Thursday, April 14, 2011

Better Late Than Never

The collage above Baby Z's crib has finally been hung. Please ignore how crappy the photos in this post are, I was battling sunset and a general I-don't-know-how-to-use-my-camera-ness.  

Seriously. It's been how long since I posted the first DIY nursery art project? At least it's made it up on the wall before Baby Z's birth. In all fairness, I wasn't sure capable of hanging each individual piece so I had to wait until I could wrangle the husband for the task. And with all the other "nesting" projects in motion, the collage was just placed on the side for a while. 

*Speaking of the husband, he has graciously pointed out that I've been calling it a "mural" when it is in fact a "collage". My bad. I didn't graduate from the University of Michigan with a degree in English for nothing folks! 

Since it's been so long, here is a little recap of the DIY art projects that came together to create the collage. 

All made (mostly) with things I had at home. 

To start, we laid out the art and decided on grouping/placement. You can always adjust this later as necessary, it just helps to know what you are aiming for before attacking the hanging process. 

Then I traced each piece on paper and cut the shapes out. This is helpful for two reasons: 

1) You can tape the "pieces" to the wall and play around with the arrangement without the damage and permanence of hanging. Getting a visual for how things will be laid out is extremely helpful. I have my good friend Stefanie to thank for this. *Again, ignore the terrible photo. 

2) You can put the nail directly through the paper and tear the paper away. This way you avoid the tedious job of measuring, guessing, marking the wall, etc. 

I wasn't 100% sure that the colors and styles of the various art projects would work together once they were hung up on the wall. I was ready for it to be a total failure. I have to say though, for how cheap each project was and how quickly I put them together, I'm completely and totally pleased with the little wall collage Baby Z will soon be looking up at.  


  1. These are darling! I love the bright colors - great choices!

  2. Super Cute!! I just started today making the letter hangings for my tator tots! Hope to get them done soon and post some pics!

  3. Thanks Laura! Send some pics my way once you're done with the letter hangings - I'd love to see them!