Thursday, April 7, 2011

I've Bin Crazy

Nesting has officially taken over. As if I wasn't a neat freak already, now I need to organize and reorganize everything in the house. This week I attacked the linen closet. A small feat, yes, but it has momentarily appeased my inner clean freak. 

This is what it looked like pre-organization session. It's looked like this since we've moved in - I've completely ignored the poor thing.

After a trip to Target for clearance/sale bins and a trip to Joann for some medium sized tags, things looked much better. I took a few minutes to separate the linens into their appropriate bins and then labeled the tags and attached them with some leftover twine from this project

Now the husband doesn't have to wonder where everything goes and I don't have to spend the night giving him the stink eye. He says I've gone "bin crazy". Personally, nothing makes me happier than everything in its rightful place in a bin. I'd put everything in a bin if I could. And when Baby Z is old enough, she'll be able to read and learn where everything goes (yes, my child will be as neurotic as I am). I'm still pondering what I'll do with those robes in the upper left corner. They're so bulky and we never use them, maybe I'll be able to part with them eventually. 

The bins are the most expensive part of this project, but if you can snatch some on clearance or even find some at your local thrift store - even better. It's a quick organizational redo that everyone can feel good about. The best part is the reusable tags. They can be flipped over in case the contents of the bins ever change or completely replaced if need be (since I chose not to write anything on the actual bins). So when we no longer need "baby linens", I can change the contents and the labels. There's also still plenty of room at the bottom of the closet for additional bins (tee hee) or maybe a mini vac. 

I'm on to obsess about the next organizational project :)  

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