Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Very Homemade Baby Shower

Do you remember these invitations that I made a while back? They were for my sister's baby shower this past weekend. She and I are a month apart in our pregnancies. My mom and I planned the little shower together and I thought I'd share some pictures.

In case I went into labor early, my mom had all the finger foods prepared and frozen ahead of time. She's awesome like that. We set up the little finger food table in the kitchen.

I had a booklet of scrapbook paper called Margarita that I used to make most of the decorations myself. The scrapbook paper colors and the notion of spring kinda became the shower's "theme". I made little flags for the food using the scrapbook paper, glue, and toothpicks.

I used some scrapbook paper to make little place card holders for each finger food, so people knew what each type of quiche and pita were. 

Then on the other side of the house, we set up the dessert table. Since I'm so close to my due date, I wasn't able to make a full fledged dessert table like I had hoped. Standing up to bake and prepare food is a lot harder when your swollen toes look like sausages :( But I did manage to make some spring cookies and red velvet cupcakes. I used more mini flags to decorate the cupcakes. 

I didn't make the cheesecake - that was courtesy of GFS. And boy was it tasty!

We kept it simple and charming with the decorations. I decorated a few vases I had with scrapbook paper and ribbon and my mom cut some yellow flowers from her backyard so we could fill each room with bright dots of yellow.

I made two bunting garlands with the scrapbook paper and ribbon and I must say, I was very happy with how they turned out! I've been meaning to try bunting for a while now and I'll definitely have to do some more now that I see how cute they turn out. There's just something so cheerful about bunting! 

I had some paper lanterns left over from my sister's bridal shower so I placed those around the house for added pops of color. Always nice to have leftover decorations to use!

I thought the colors in the decorations, flowers, and food turned out nice together - it had a very "spring" feel to it. I liked that it felt more like a homemade baby shower than one that a major party store chain supplied (homemade parties are always so much better). 

Now...let's all encourage my little bean to come out soon! 

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