Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nursery Progress

Finally got the shelves up in the reading nook: 

Got this great idea from a post on Ohdeedoh. You take these $4 Ikea spice racks and paint them any color you want.

It's not only an affordable alternative to a book shelf, but it also adds some forward-facing shelving for the bambina.

I'm not sure if we're keeping our contractor though. He had a weird moment with the wall: 

Do you recall The Great Rug Debate? We're happy to announce that Option #3 worked out very well!

Look how similar that looks to our Photoshopped version:

 Even the cow was a fan of the rug. She's all "This is nice. You gonna rub my tummy now?"

We got a crib mattress (finally). The cow also helped us test that out. 

Somehow I think she'll remember that next time she chooses to take a dump in the house.

And since I got bored waiting on the contractor, dog photos ensued. But who doesn't love dog photos?