Friday, January 21, 2011

The Great Rug Debate

You would think that choosing a rug for the nursery would be a simple task. Instead, it turned into a hormone induced tantrum at Ikea, hours spent surfing the internet for options that would only be turned down, and pure frustration. We simply could not settle on a rug. 

Enter my friend Jackson and her brilliant idea (and know-how) to Photoshop rug options on a picture of the nursery. After some magic wand action, some morphing, and multiple layers, we mocked up over 20 pictures with rug options. Then I sent an email to the husband and prayed that he would accept at least one. 

Here were the final contenders:

Seeing each rug in the room definitely helped to make a final decision. Some rugs were awesome and original, but just didn't work with the room. A lot of the rugs would have forced us to take big gambles with the shades of green and blue. 

Option 1: A great rug. But the green may be too light and clash with the bright green in the nursery. I also worried about the ivory base not meshing well with the white furniture. 

Option 2: Very basic, but a great color. This was a pretty safe bet.

Option 3: Had the green, yellow, white, and blue that we'll be incorporating throughout the rest of the nursery. I also liked that it added a bit of a girly aspect to the room, without being too flashy. 

We ended up going with Option 3. For $132.99, I was pretty happy with the decision. When the rug arrives, if we find that we really don't like it in the room or the colors don't work, we can always fall back on Option 2. 

Now we keep our fingers crossed in hopes that the Photoshop pictures are as accurate as the real thing! 


  1. I really like number 3 ! Looks perfect !

  2. Ya, I'm really happy with that one. Not too pricey either, given how expensive rugs can get!