Friday, February 25, 2011

Meet Our Quality Control Department

My husband's coworkers took us out to lunch today to celebrate Baby Z's arrival and proceeded to shower us with gifts. I am beyond touched by their generosity.

Naturally, we rushed home to test the products out on Mia. Why Mia you ask? She's the perfect size: her body type is the closest to a baby body (albeit a bit more elongated). The other two are way too big and Batman is too frail and thin (and there's that occasional biting too). 

Alas, it seems Mia needs to reevaluate her position as Quality Control Supervisor. She was not entirely thrilled with the diaper trials. Is she even aware of all the testing that needs to be done after the baby shower?

And before you judge: yes, we are going to wash the diaper before putting it on the child. 

Update: It has since been pointed out to us that the diaper is on backwards. Needless to say, we now feel completely prepared for this kid.

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