Monday, January 24, 2011

My latest find...

At the thrift store.

Grease splatter spots aside, he's pretty awesome.

He even has a little butt!

He'll go perfectly with my growing collection of roosters in the kitchen.

And about $5 and some spray paint later...

He's all like "Stand on your kitchen shelf? Don't mind if I do!"


  1. I like it !!!! You always find interesting stuff !

  2. Ugh...just imagine the wonderful things I could find if I was allowed to go to thrift stores every day!

  3. That's awesome. Also, *love* the red pitchers - I have a jade green one like that I use for all sorts of stuff. Would buy ten in diff colors if I had the space or the dough!

  4. If I could redo my kitchen, jade and retro would be the way! I keep coming across tons of jade pieces at antique stores - they are so beautiful. You're right, tons of colored pitchers would be darling!