Friday, January 14, 2011

DIY Baby Book

I'm not much of a scrapbooker. All my photos are either framed or lying in a bin dying to be organized and used. That being said, it would break my heart to let baby Z's first ultrasound pictures collect dust somewhere in the basement. Plus, I wanted to document how much pain and discomfort joy and blessings she brought me throughout the pregnancy.

Note: I don't honestly believe that my unborn child brings me pain and discomfort. I'm just bitter about slowly morphing into that giant orb in the room that can't walk to the bathroom without knocking stuff off the counter in the process.

I got this idea from Young House Love (again, because they're awesome). Here are the basics:
  • You'll need a photo album, scrapbook paper, and a computer/printer
  • YGL has a print-ready PDF and an editable Word version of the printed prompts that you typically see in baby books
  • Cut the captions out and arrange them in your photo album

I made my own printed prompts in Photoshop so I could add quirky details like "Baby's first fart" since I clearly aim to embarrass her when she turns 15. I cut the prints out with a pair of scalloped scissors and used double sided tape to attach them to the scrapbook paper.

Cost less than $15 and took 30 minutes to make. Not too shabby.

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