Monday, October 24, 2011

So terribly far behind

I really have to start posting some DIY project updates. I promise, promise, promise. Here are the little bean's latest pictures. You can probably guess what's putting me so far behind ;)

The 15 and 16 week photos had to mesh into one. I suppose that was bound to happen, what with the hubby traveling and all. My little bean has started rolling over!

You are such a happy baby. Always laughing, always giggling. I love waking up every morning to see what you'll do next. 

Fall has officially begun. It's one of my favorite seasons and I can't wait to share it with you. Maybe by Thanksgiving you'll be able to have your first taste of mashed potatoes!

This week you started cereal. And you are really digging it! I can tell you are going to be quite the eater. 

I think you're going to crawl any minute now. Right now, you get around by flipping over and over. I'm starting to have to be more careful when I leave you on your play mat. You can move around pretty well on your arms but you're not quite there yet. But you are obsessed with the dogs and I can tell you'll get going very soon so you can catch up to them!

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