Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Catching Up

I've been behind on so many things lately, blog posts included. For very good reason of course.

These days you require a lot more attention. We have a system for the day: eat, play, sleep. eat, play, sleep. etc. It's a very fun system :) Mommy thinks you are beginning to get teeth - you drool a ton and anything you can get a hold of goes into your mouth. 

This week is hate week for mommy and daddy. Well, more so for daddy. Mommy could really care less about football - she just does it to annoy daddy. Daddy still hasn't paid up for the bets he's lost in the past years - I'm owed several breakfasts! Once you're older you'll hear all about football season from daddy as I'm sure he'll try to convince you to join the ND team. 

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