Friday, June 3, 2011

My! How Time Flies!

Baby J is already more than a week old. Incredible. She's changing more and more every day. It's amazing to watch.

Since I'm sure it'll all fly by in a blur of happiness, I wanted to make sure we captured her growth spurts and changes. I was inspired by weekly and monthly photos from Young House Love, Making It Lovely, and many others found on ohdeedoh. I knew we'd have to come up with our own way of capturing Baby J on a weekly basis. We decided to take her weekly pictures with Ralph, our over sized stuffed animal gorilla. Given his size, it's a great way to chart her growth. Plus, we can dress him up for holiday weeks (I'm already having visions of a giant Santa hat).

Here is Week 1. You can barely see the little bean!

Once she grows a bit more, she'll be able to sit up and eventually sit with/in Ralph rather than on top of him. She did pretty well for her little photo shoot; I think she liked the feel of Ralph's fur :)

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