Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's the little things...

I love Baby Z's crib. The only complaint I have is about the screws holding it together. While I certainly didn't expect them to be white like the crib finish, the way they sink into the crib just makes them completely noticeable. See?

But we knew this was coming. We took a long time to pick out a crib. The crib we ended up selecting had rave reviews about its sturdiness, looks, and safety. The only negative thing people pointed out was the screws. It's not terrible, but we can certainly do something about it. We removed the screws 2 at a time (to avoid having the crib fall apart on us) and we spraypainted the big screws baby blue. The baby blue screws will match the handles on the dresser we're redoing. We left the smaller screws in the crib and painted them white with a small paintbrush.

Much better:

I love how big of a difference some little changes can make :)

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